T'was Bryllyg

Well, I thought I would continue with the find-rare-things-at-Disneyland request from Mooremooo, since I haven’t touched on it for quite a while. I wonder if anyone has noticed these guys before? They have been at the tipy-top of the Emporium for a very long while. Did I mention they move? 

First the barber wobbles back-en-forth, I’m guessing drunkenly? while the kid getting the haircut sits and stares at the scissors. Next, the little boy trying on a very fancy outfit for his mother, he looks at himself in the mirror, then at his mother giving her a disapproving look. Last, A woman making hats looks at her bird and then plucks a feather from him. By the looks of it, she’s been using his feathers for a few of her hats.

Disneyland continues to surprise me with all of it’s cute and funny hidden gems such as this.