T'was Bryllyg

My heart hurts

It’s so weird having Matt Smith leave. To me, he was always the ‘new Doctor’, the ‘current Doctor’, and now he has turned into a ‘past Doctor’. It took me a while to get accustomed to him, and just as I was slowly coming ‘round, he’s gone. Makes me very sad and makes me feel…weird for some reason, like I have no idea what to feel now. I mean when Tennant left I cried and mourned him for a long long time, first time I had ever cried over a fictional characters death, and with Matt it was just strange….I cried but I’m not as deeply depressed about it as I was with Tennant…It’s just strange. But, I guess we will have to see how Capaldi fares  as the Doctor now.

Also, I am so confused, that split on time thing, the crack in the wall that the Timelords are on the other side of, Did they just..magically send the Doctor another regeneration? Is that what happened?. or did they give him a ton of other regenerations?…I thought they couldn’t do that…, I have no idea, that episode was a little confusing to me. All I know is, Matt Smith is gone and I miss him….

Excuse me while I go cry

Woah now Maurice, everyone knows no one can rave like Gaston! So don’t even try!

So, I’ve become pretty obsessed with Frozen, much to the “you need to study” part of mes dismay. And yea, I was bored and decided to screw around with some doll makers on dis here website and make a few Frozen themed things. The first two I spent a few hours making and editing a few things in photoshop, shhhhh, you read nothing, yea.. hours.. I was really bored. First two are Anna and Elsa as Elves from LOTR, third they are all Hobbits, last one Elsa and Anna are fairies. I personally love the hobbit one, I wanted to make Anna and Kristoff giggling like the bunch of sillies they are. I don’t know… I was bored, enjoy the things that were birthed from my boredom

“Why hasn’t Freddie Mercury made any albums since the 80’s?”

- My friend Karen

Bycicle Race by Queen on Grooveshark

Listen to this glorious Queen song.

Now listen to it again while looking at this GIF.


I just saw ‘Frozen’….woah, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, especially Olaf, he is so cuuute! My one problem with it?..Oh! Spoilers if you haven’t seen it, though it’s kinda predictable, still, Spoilers!

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They said “all 13 Doctors”, so there are 13 instead of just 12. So..if John Hurt is the Doctor between the 8th and 9th..that would make him the real 9th Doctor, which would make Eccleston 10, Tennant 11, Smith 12, and Capaldi 13. So doesn’t that mean…that Capaldi will be the final Doctor? meaning after him..there is no more? The Doctor is dead?

I don’t know how to handle this information..

My Reaction watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special..

Cause I felt like sharing. Oh! Also.. *puts on River Song mask* ya might want to be careful sweetie, ahead lie spoilers. Also also..I ask a lot of questions, to myself mostly, so yea…enjoy that.

  1.  Didn’t the last episode end with them in the Doctor’s time stream?…How did they get out?…Why is Clara a teacher?…oh well
  2. ..Isn’t dragging the Tardis across the sky in broad day light a little conspicuous?…Oh well
  3. Why does that girl have the 4th Doctor’s scarf…I…okay..
  4. Ooooh, a 3D painting! Cool!…oh it’s of the fall of Gallifrey..well then.
  5. For some reason I didn’t think the Gallifreyains would use thingys that looked like Human guns, since they are all advanced and stuff, but whatever.
  6. Oh, he’s gonna do it, John Hurts gonna kill everyone with a metal Rubics cube.
  7. Oh look, Rose. Wait, ROSE?! Why are you there, now of all times?!
  8. A painting of Queen Elizabeth…and the 10TH DOCTOR?!…wait somethings happening…*gasp* DAVID TENNANT! YOU’RE BACK!! I’VE MISSED YOU!
  9.  Elizabeth, stop kissing my Doctor!..please Ma’m, thank you.
  10. They’re together!! My two favorites! Oh my holy hand grenade of Antioch!
  11. Oh, make that three Doctors! And listen to that lovely banter, ‘tis lovely.
  12. Elizabeth, please stop kissing my Doctor, M’am!
  13. OH! THAT SAND ON THE FLOOR! IT’S FROM THE STATUES BEING SMASHED! No bespeckled sciencey girl, I said it before you! Oooh stuffs about to happen.
  14. That’s Jack’s Timey wristband! whatever it’s called.. yea! the vortex manipulator, thanks Ms. Stewart.
  15. Oh..oh no! grab the thing Clara! GRAB THE TIMEY WRISTBAND! YES! Good girl!!
  16. The feels..oh the feels
  17. The door was unlocked the whole time…jeez man! Between the three of you none of you thought to check the door? Silly Doctor.
  18. Wait..so.. the Doctor is married to Queen Elizabeth? Whu..no..but…River Song is your wifey..maybe not at that time or in that universe, but still! C’mon!
  19. ELIZABETH! for gods sake woman, STOP KISSING MY DOCTOR!…..M’AM!!
  20. Oh, the witty repartee between the Doctors is adorable. It makes my heart all warm.
  21. Oh no! There’s a timer! AND IT’S COUNTING! IN RED NUMBERS!!!!
  22. And again with the witty banter, *sigh* Oh how I love it.
  23. Someone stop the red blinking timer! Finally! Jeez!
  24. Feels
  25. Feels
  26. And more feels..good golly miss Molly
  27. Aw, yeah. The Doctors are going to save Gallifrey! WAIT! So…does that mean..that all along, when the Doctor thought he was the only one left, the last Timelord, that he killed his entire race..he really didn’t? *gasp* THAT EXPLAINS THE END OF TIME EPISODE! WITH GALLIFREY TRAPPED IN A TIME BUBBLE! I get iiiit.
  29. More feels
  31. * I literally said this out loud* Oh my god it’s TOM BAKER!
  32. All the Doctors together, looking like a bunch of bad asses. YES!
  33. *Gets up and applauds, with tears running down my pathetic face*
  34. " All new Doctor Who. This Christmas. Silence will fall." Ooohh nooooooo